Anti cellulite slimming cup

The Slimming Cup is a silicone suction cup that significantly reduces cellulite using the palpate-rolling method. It is used in addition to a Slimming Gel to enhance the anti-cellulite benefits of the treatment. An accessory that complices your slimming cure!

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Slimming cup for a natural cellulite treatment

With the Cup, you will be able to reproduce at home the famous rolling palpate practiced by beauticians to knock out cellulite. Here you will go at your own pace. It is a mechanical action that leads to lipolysis, the breakdown of fat cells in the body and eliminates the orange peel of the epidermis. The technique is not invasive and is not dangerous. The Slimming Cup is effective on all types of cellulite: fat, watery, mixed or fibrous.

To get even more efficiency, you can add an organic slimming oil with essential oils.

How to use the slimming cup for a cellulite removal ?

The Slimming Cup is used for 5 minutes daily for optimal results. Start by applying the Massage Balm to all desired areas of the body. Pinch the sides of the Cup to remove the air. Without releasing them, place the Cup on the bottom of the area to be treated then let go the sides of the sucker and put it on the zone to be treated. The skin is then sucked in and you can regulate the suction effect by holding the suction cup by hand. The palpate roll is from the bottom of the area to the top. Then peel off the sucker, and repeat the action on another area. Then make circular movements. The first time, be careful not to go back and forth on the areas. For a freshness effect, then apply on the skin the slimming gel that has been previously placed in the fridge.

The active ingredients contained in slimming treatments act effectively to dislodge the reserves of subcutaneous fat for visible results in a few weeks. The Slimming Cup reinforces the benefits of these products while allowing to act directly on the epidermis and degumming cellulite. A cure of 28 days will make you lose up to 5 centimeters to find a harmonious silhouette.

Medical silicone.


The triple action slim gel is a slimming care, detoxifying and anti-cellulite. Its texture penetrate easily in the epiderm and don't stick. Thanks to its high concentration in active substance, it has a direct impact on the  subcutaneous fat, and help to lose up to 5 cm. The more you use it, the better the skin will be soft.

Allonature slimming oil refines the silhouette, relieves, drains and firms.

Aleppo Soap is natural and suitable for the whole family. Rich in olive oil and bay laurel oil, it cleans gently, without dehydrating, increases the water content of the skin and eliminates dead skin. Hypoallergenic, Soap is ideal for fragile and delicate skin.

Vegetable loofah for the body and intended for resale.

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