Menstrual cup for natural feminine protection 

Allonature offers women an alternative for feminine protection, especially thanks to its menstrual cups. Discover this modern, natural and hygienic way of protecting yourself while remaining comfortable.

17,89 €

The Menstrual Cup is the hygienic, economical and practical alternative to periodic napkins and tampons, free of toxic residues. The Menstrual Cup is used every month in periods of rules, for effective protection, economical and respectful of your personal hygiene. Also available in Size S

5,89 €

The Steriliz Box is an empty box to sterilize and store its Menstrual Cup optimally. The Steriliz Box is a useful accessory, hygienic and very practical everyday.

17,89 €

Menstrual cup allows women to harvest menstrual blood Also available in L size

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