Wax strips - sugar wax and rollon

Organic cotton tapes have been specially designed to allow waxing with oriental wax. The soft texture of the bands allows a painless hair removal and provides a very pleasant contact with the skin.

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The cotton bands allow an optimal waxing and the softness of their biological texture reduces the pain. The bag contains enough strips for complete hair removal. They are washable with water and reusable 2 times.

Apply the strip directly to the area previously covered with wax.

Smooth using your palm while pressing heavily in the direction of hair growth.

Remove in a dry and energetic motion the band in the opposite direction of the shoot.

Finally, rinse the strips with hot water.

Cotton Bands can be used with sugar wax or organic oriental wax.


Specially designed to allow painless and natural hair removal, Bio Cotton Strips are practical and economical. The bag allows enough bands to perform a complete hair removal.

Textile, 100% of the fibers are from organic farming.


Moisturizing Lotion L'Eau d'Eclat perfect cleansing, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Its non-sticky fluid texture cleans gently and provides a real tonic effect. Feel of freshness guaranteed!

The Konjac sponge is 100% natural. It deeply cleans the skin while delicacy, tightens the pores and stimulates microcirculation for a softer and brighter skin. An accessory that complices your beauty!

The Deo Ball Alum regulates sweat, masks odors and moisturizes the skin while diffusing a fresh minty smell. A wide applicator ball and a convenient format, to take everywhere to cool off at any time of the day!

Aleppo Soap is natural and suitable for the whole family. Rich in olive oil and bay laurel oil, it cleans gently, without dehydrating, increases the water content of the skin and eliminates dead skin. Hypoallergenic, Soap is ideal for fragile and delicate skin.

The Roll-on Hair Removal Box is a complete kit to enable professional, fast and 100% natural hair removal. In the box, you will find a roll-on of organic resin wax that respects sensitive skin, with its cartridge heater and 10 strips of hair removal, all you need to have clean and soft skin for almost 4 weeks .

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