Menstrual cup size L

The Menstrual Cup is the hygienic, economical and practical alternative to periodic napkins and tampons, free of toxic residues. The Menstrual Cup is used every month in periods of rules, for effective protection, economical and respectful of your personal hygiene.

Also available in Size S

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Available in two sizes:

- S for women who have not yet had children

- L for women who gave birth vaginally

The Menstrual Cup made of medical silicone is flexible and adapts perfectly to the vaginal walls to collect the menstrual flow without absorbing it. The Menstrual Cup comes with a storage box to protect and disinfect your Cup in all circumstances.

Before any use, it is strongly recommended to sterilize your Menstrual Cup using the Steriliz box, specially designed for sterilization between each cycle and / or between uses.

  • Be sure to wash your hands before use.
  • Pinch the Menstrual Cup and with the other hand fold in half.
  • Insert it directly into the vagina towards the bottom and a little lower than a tampon.
  • After insertion, let go of the fingers and let the menstrual cup open and marry the vaginal walls.
  • To remove the Menstrual Cup, compress the lower part, tighten the vaginal muscles and gently remove it.
  • Empty the Menstrual Cup at least once every 4 to 6 hours depending on your menstrual flow.

Menstrual Cup is a nontoxic alternative to tampons, pads and panty liners that women use in large numbers during periods of menstruation. It is also economical because reusable and limits waste for a positive impact on the environment. It is the ideal accessory for women who want more comfort and allows a perfect hygiene, without smell, in all discretion.



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The Steriliz Box is an empty box to sterilize and store its Menstrual Cup optimally. The Steriliz Box is a useful accessory, hygienic and very practical everyday.

Vegetable loofah for the body and intended for resale.

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