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Organic Potassium Alum Spray Deodorant

Organic Potassium Alum Spray Deodorant


Alum deodorant

Hand care


Organic fresh Alum spray deodorant
Allo Natur

There is nothing more pleasant than a silky skin without disagreeable odour.

A significant need a special care to to stay fresh.



Our BIO deodorant can be applied for two reasons after waxing: no alcohol, it is suitable for sensitive skin and depilated skin.


Perspiration is a necessary phenomenon, even vital to regulate the temperature of your system, but the odours are not necessary.

Corps, déodorants homme


Why ?
Mainly to avoid the smell of sweat, but not only.
Perspiration is due to a growth of bacteria which are responsible for bad odours.
Most of the deodorants inhibit this bacterial growth and neutralize unpleasant odors.
Ironically, a healthy deodorant should not block perspiration, because it is necessary, even vital to maintain the temperature of the body around 98.6 °F


Allo'Nature’s differents types of deodorants :

Our deodorants with Alum of potassium exist in different forms.


Choose the one that suits you the best:

If you sweat, just a little, all types of Allo'Nature deodorants with alum will suit you.
If you sweat a lot, use the powder size or spray, in any case avoid the use of atomizers for the sustainability of our planet.


Discover our five size of deodorant:

- Stone Alum  2.53oz
- Stone Alum  5.07oz
- Stick
- Powder
- Spray  

A good deodorant is a deodorant which :

Long lasting,
- Does not stick,
- Does not leave white marks on black clothes.
- Preferably without alcohol.

Information: Bacterias love to grow in the hot and humid places, then you imagine hairs are their favourite playground.

For this reason, use a radical way: The organic hair removal for many reasons but especially the perspiration.


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