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Deo Alun Stick is an ergonomic and hygienic deodorant 100% natural alum stone that guarantees effective protection throughout the day. Thanks to its astringent and antibacterial properties, it regulates the flow of perspiration without blocking it while fighting against bad odors. Deo Alum Stick is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

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Deo Stick with alum stone is the ideal natural alternative to classic deodorants. Thanks to its case, its use is simple and its practical format allows to carry it everywhere. It does not stain clothes, does not smell and leaves no trace. Deodorant Pierre d'Alun can also soothe mosquito bites and sunburns. It can also act to soothe irritation caused by shaving.

How to use the AlloNature alum deodorant ?

Deo Stick with Alum Stone effectively fights against perspiration and bad odors, while bringing softness to the skin. It is 100% natural and regulates the flow of perspiration without clogging the pores of the skin. The skin is soothed and irritation is reduced. Ideal for keeping skin healthy and fresh all day long!

Alum stone is a 100% natural mineral.

100% crystallized potassium alum, a mineral extracted from natural quarries. The stone comes from kalunite from Panama, certified EcoCert Cosmos.


Allonature slimming oil refines the silhouette, relieves, drains and firms.

Liquid Aleppo Soap is for all skin types, for the body and face of the whole family. Thanks to a composition rich in olive oil and laurel oil, liquid Aleppo Soap cleans and disinfects gently. It is also suitable for dry, sensitive and reactive skin. The Aleppo soap is also available in cube.

Organic Shave Soap prepares shaving skin and beard. Its pleasant and unctuous foam texture moisturizes the epidermis and prevents irritation. Enriched with organic shea butter, the shaving soap guarantees a smooth shave.

The After-Shave Balm 2 in 1 soothes, protects the skin and slows hair regrowth. It also moisturizes the skin while providing softness and preserving its elasticity. After Shave Balm can be used on all skins, even sensitized, which will immediately find comfort and flexibility.

Aleppo Soap is natural and suitable for the whole family. Rich in olive oil and bay laurel oil, it cleans gently, without dehydrating, increases the water content of the skin and eliminates dead skin. Hypoallergenic, Soap is ideal for fragile and delicate skin.

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  • Diane C.
    Published 03/02/2024 à 09:31 (Order date: 25/01/2024)


  • Delphine H.
    Published 26/06/2023 à 09:08 (Order date: 16/06/2023)

    Très bien

  • Danielle. P.
    Published 11/03/2023 à 13:45 (Order date: 27/02/2023)


    Merchant's answer

    Merci beaucoup, Danièle, pour votre avis positif ! Nous sommes ravis que vous ayez apprécié notre produit

  • Constance V.
    Published 31/10/2022 à 19:29 (Order date: 22/10/2022)

    Très satisfaite du produit et j'adore le fonctionnement de poussoir

    Merchant's answer

    Nous sommes ravi que le produit vous plaise. Merci pour votre avis. Au plaisir de vous faire découvrir d'autres références de notre marque allonature

  • Itshak K.
    Published 06/09/2022 à 20:07 (Order date: 28/08/2022)

    Très efficace et vaut le prix

  • Thierry B.
    Published 30/06/2022 à 11:51 (Order date: 21/06/2022)

    Produit connu RAS

  • Carole S.
    Published 14/06/2022 à 21:41 (Order date: 05/06/2022)

    Produits correspondants aux attentes

  • Diane C.
    Published 27/11/2021 à 10:04 (Order date: 17/11/2021)

    Il est très bien,s'applique facilement .

  • Jacqueline L.
    Published 12/07/2021 à 11:44 (Order date: 02/07/2021)

    R à s

  • Guy M.
    Published 12/12/2020 à 11:57 (Order date: 03/12/2020)

    Je découvre ce produit.....

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