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Alum deodorant

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« First World Organic Sanitizer »


There is nothing more unpleasant than a skin irritated by a liquid soap unadapted for your skin.

That is why Allo’Nature created a formula, which contains active ingredients such as organic Aloe Vera and organic Lemon an efficient disinfectant.




Because of our lifestyles, our hands are in constant contact with many germs. In that way, cleaning our hands is an important gesture of protection for you and your family, in fact three-quarters of infections are transmitted through the hands!


Since it is not always easy to wash our hands effectively in public places, Allo'Nature launches the first organic hand sanitizer certified organic



Why choosing Allo’Nature Hand Sanitizer more than another one?

Easy to use, easy to carry, it does not stick, softens and gives a delicate fragrance to the skin, while providing perfectly clean hands!


Family Pack 6.76 OZ (refill) at very attractive price.

Suitable for the whole family.


The formula contains

Organic vegetable alcohol known for cleaning and disinfection
- Organic Lemon recognized for his anti-bacterial and disinfectant virtues.
- Aloe Vera is a perfect source of essential mineral salts, which are very interesting for skin healing, cell regeneration, skin hydration, anti-inflammatory and especially softness.



  The first world certified organic sanitizer
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Hygiene :

The disinfecting power is providing by the combination of organic alcohol and the organic lemon, which is a powerful anti-bacterial and disinfectant.




Care :

It is enriched with Aloe Vera, which moisturizes and softens the skin, preventing drying effects of the skin.




The First :

It is the first world organic hand sanitizer product in its category Certified Cosmebio




Freshness :

Its hydro-alcoholic refreshing and soft formula is ideal for the hygiene of your hands and allows an effective cleaning without rinsing.




Olfactory pleasure :

The scent of lemon leaves a delicate fragrance.




Easy to use :

Convenient and easy to carry, not sticky, it could be used without water and dries in a few seconds, allowing you an utilization at every moments.



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