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Information about the Hand sanitizer

Information about the Hand sanitizer
Hands are the first vector of contamination. With the new way of life, hygiene is increasingly neglected, and the hands are in constant contact with germs (everything you touch can transmits germs).
That is why it is important to wash regularly your hands, especially before a meal, 90% of the population does not wash their hands. In addition, hand washing must follow specific rules. To be effective, it must be at least thirty seconds and made with water and soap. Many of us only use clear water, but it is insufficient.
Be careful to wipe your hands with a tissue or a clean cloth, otherwise, it does not make any sense!

Allo Nature- Hand sanitizer

The brand

Allo’Nature is a brand aware by the daily needs, which distributes organic cosmetics.


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Hands sanitizer
ALLO’NATURE hand sanitizer is packed in a little transparent plastic bottle. It is offered in two formats: pocket size (2.53 oz) and family size (6.76oz).
It contains a thick gel, in that it does not run too fast. It allows to wash the hands without having to rinse or dry them. Ideal for transport, it can be carried everywhere, both in office or during your picnics, where access to a sink is sometimes complicated.
Therefore, it is used without water, dries quickly, thanks to the alcohol in its formula.

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Comment of a consumer who tried products
I have tested the pocket size of this gel. It is true that in the train or subway, where the germs are teeming, it becomes a very good partner. So I use it very often, and according to me it is very good. The lemon smell is very pleasant. Generally, it dries in seconds: just apply a small amount of cream in the hollow of the palm of your hand and rub your hands, until the product dries. There is then a feeling of gentleness which is difficult to find with the  others handsanitizers whish are often drying up the skin and mostly non-organic.

In short, it is convenient, fast and simple!
Finally, it is economic, when my bottle is empty, I have just to refill it with the family size of 6.76 oz

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This product is recommended for people who care about their hygiene and their health. The hand sanitizer will follow you everywhere and in every circumstance: public places, outdoor activities, trips ... to ensure impeccable hygiene.
It "pocket" size fits easily into a bag. It is ideal to carry and bring it everywhere.



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