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Potassium Alum ROLL ON deodorant

Potassium Alum ROLL ON deodorant




Alum deodorant

Hand Care




There is nothing more pleasant than a silky skin without disagreeable odour.

A significant need a special care to to stay fresh.

That is why Allo’Nature offers you this organic deodorant.




Our organic deodorants can be applied for two reasons after waxing: without alcohol, it is suitable for sensitive skin and depilated skin.

Why choosing Allo’Nature Alum Roll on deodorant  more than another one?

This mentholated deodorant with Alum of Potassium, offers a pleasant feeling of natural freshness.
Its enhanced formula with alum of potassium ensures you a greater effectiveness against body odours, to stay fresh all day long.

This alum of potassium deodorant does not need to be wet under water like a classic stone or a stick of alum
It easily fit the skin with the roll on.
In addition it contains no alcohol, no paraben or hydrochloride of aluminium.


The formula :

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