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SHAVE CREAM « With Aleppo soap »

SHAVE CREAM  « With Aleppo soap »


Alum deodorant


Hands Care



Shave Cream
"With Aleppo Soap"

There is nothing more unpleasant than a skin irritated by a shaving due to a foam or gel not adapted to your skin.

That is why Allo’Nature offers you this shave cream, which Aleppo Soap.





Why choosing Allo Nature Shave Cream more than another one?

Close shaving without irritation is now possible with this shaving cream easy to apply.
It provides a perfect sliding effect of the blade while moisturizing and protecting the skin.

Formulated on the basis of Aleppo soap

Renowned for is ancestral virtues, the combination of olive oil and laurel allows an incomparable razor glide, a perfect hydration, and a skin care thanks to antiseptics virtues. We have also added Shea Butter to give flexibility to the skin.
Its nourishing and protective properties have been highlighted on several occasions; it accelerates cells regeneration and repairs the hydro-lipidic film for a softer skin, more supple and comfortable.
Its creamy texture can be applied easily with your hand or with a shaving brush.


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