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Potassium Alum STICK deodorant

Potassium Alum  STICK deodorant



Alum deodorant

Hand Care

Alum of potassium stick deodorant

 Allo'Nature Allo Na

There is nothing more pleasant than a silky skin without disagreeable odour.
A significant need a special care to to stay fresh.
That is why Allo’Nature offers you this organic deodorant.

Our organic deodorant can be applied for two reasons after waxing: without alcohol, it is suitable for sensitive skin and depilated skin

Our stones are 100% made with Alum of Potassium

There is 5 different sizes:

Alum Stone  2.53oz
Alum  Stone 5.07oz

Body powder deodorant

Alum Roll on deodorant

Alum spray deodorant




  1) Potassium and ammonium of alum :

There is on the market 2 types of Alum stone natural alum stone and synthetic stone.

Alunite based, the Alum stone of potassium is made with organic alunite extracted for the mines, and called “organic”
The Alum stone of Ammonium is manufactured with ammonium salt obtained by synthesis, and called “synthetic”

The law of Cosmetic requires that cosmetic manufacturers have to write ingredients on their labels.

The organic Alum stone is identified as POTASSIUM ALUM and the alum stone of ammonium is identified as AMMONIUM ALUM.

The Alum stone of Ammonium alum is a by-product manufactured by the chemical industry for the most  part in Asia .


The organic Alum stone can be recognized with it composition, not with it appearance.

2) A body deodorant with Alum of Potassium

Thanks to the astringent properties of minerals salts contained in the Allo’Nature Alum  stone of potassium, the perspiration is regulated without being blocked.
You only have to wet your Alum stone of Potassium and roll it on the part of the body that you want to treat.
An invisible film of mineral is then deposited on the skin then this will tight the pores, regulating sweat and preventing the development of bacterias responsible for the formation of odors.
Non-allergenic and non-irritating, odorless, and without alcohol or dye, the Allo’Nature Alum stone of potassium can be used daily.



3) The benefits of the Alum stone of potassium after hair removal

Classic hair removal causes irritation of the skin. That is why, after hair removals, the usual precautions stipulate that it is better to wait at least 48 hours before applying on the skin an anti-perspirant product, because it is often alcohol-based, which will aggravate irritation.

There are two complementary solutions to adopt. First Allo’Nature organic oriental fluid wax. This ingredient allows to regulate glands, which will greatly reduce the irritation caused by hair removal. Unlike with a traditional wax, the skin will be less sensitive.

Second part of the solution, the Allo’Nature Alum stone of potassium is alcohol free thus it can be applied after waxing, on the skin sooner than an other product and this without risk of irritation.



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