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Directions for use

To who this product is aimed for ?

It is aimed for the women and the men who shave, it only allows a slowing down of hairs regrowth wich can be often seen within 15 days.

To the women and men who make hair removal it allows to progressively stop the hair regrowth

How to use it?

For the one who shave with: razors, depilatory cream

Apply daily Epil’Oubli (no need to use after shave and skin care cream)

For the one who wax themselves use depilatory wax, electrical appliance, and tweezers.

Apply Epil’Oubli just after a hair removal one or twice a day until the next waxing session.

Thanks to is texture it could be use in small quantities and quickly enter the top layers of the skin after 15 minutes you can use make up and deodorant…

A 4.22oz can be used during 1 to 4 month according to the size of the person and the area shaved.


What is the perfect shaving?

The oriental wax is the one with, we see the faster results but you can also use hot wax, cold wax, electric epilator or tweezers.

The more important is that the shaving has to be perfect.

Which areas can be treated ?

All the areas, even the sensitive one and the face. During the testing

During testing no allergy or irritations have been noticed, including the mucous membranes. The color of hair or skin are no important.

EPIL'OUBLI is suitable for women and men.

When the first result will appear?

The results are more or less fast it depends of the individual and the body areas.

Mostly the first results are found after two or three waxing sessions which have  to be spaced between 3 to 5 weeks. For complete results most of the time you have to wait between 6 and 18 months. People with hormonal disorders (hirsutism) should consult a specialist before.


What is the composition?

The active components are vegetable (essential oils, extracts, molecules ...). They come from organic farming or natural environment. The name of that products are registered under the laws. Ecocert certification, Cosmébio label. There are no color additives, preservatives or artificial flavours. The product are not ionized, not tested on animals. Moreover, the list of ingredients includes the anti-allergenic ingredients which will be compulsory in the future.

EPIL’Oubli’s price

Many others cosmetics products are in the same range of prices and are just anti hair regrowth products. The progressive suppression of waxing sessions will allow for economies and avoids this unpleasant moment. Laser hair removal and pulsed light are more expensive and… not organic at all.

You are not satisfied by Epil ‘Oubli ! Why

• The waxing session are not enough spaced ( 3 to 5 weeks required)
• no efficient waxing (if hair regrowth after three or four days)
• No daily application of the product.
• Use of other products is too close.
• Hormonal problems.


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