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Organic Oriental fluid wax

Organic Oriental fluid wax


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Organic Oriental fluid wax
Nature Allo nature

There is nothing more pleasant than a silky skin.

A significant need a special care to avoid irritation. That is why Allo’Nature offers you this organic oriental wax with organic sugar and organic lemon.


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Allo'Nature Organic Oriental fluid wax is certified Ecocert and labeled Cosmébio, its formulation does not contain petrochemicals resins, which are irritant.


Why choosing Allo’Nature’s Oriental wax ?

The advantages for your custumers :

- No more burns the skin and the venous system of thin skins are respected. To do that put the pot in your wax warmer with a power 100 watts or 150 watts traditional thermostat 1-2 (77-86 ° F). 


- The organic cotton strips allow smooth hair removal with 50% pain in less.
( Choose the organic cotton strips! Look below this page )

bandes cabines x150 coton Bio

- The wax residues on the skin can easily be rinsed with water.

- Leaves the skin very soft, because there are no irritating resins.

The more for you Beautician.

The wax residue on the clothes, knife and utensils are easily rinsed with water.
- It is odorless, which helps prevent untimely

- No need of disinfectant, the lemon contained in the wax acts like a disinfectant.

- The rates of the pot of wax are very beneficial. 35.27 oz size (fit your traditional wax warmer)
-The Organic Oriental fluid wax time of applying is fast as traditional wax.

- No expensive training.

- Can be used like a traditional wax with a spatula

- WARNING: You need to apply Allo’Nature Organic Oriental wax with an extra flexible spatula which allow to make thin layers



- Apply the wax making thin layers.

- Very economical pot

You can now offer an entire line of organic product in your beauty salon.

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Why organic cotton, rather than traditional cotton stripes?

Because conventional cotton farming currently consumes nearly 25% of the pesticides sold in the world for a global agricultural area of only 3% ...

Because the intensive use of pesticides has very serious repercussions on the environment and negative consequences on the economic balance and the health of farmers and consumers.

Because the farming of organic cotton does not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, but preserves soil fertility, and the sustainability of ecosystems and the cleanliness of groundwaters.

Because it enables farmers to live decently, because the organic cotton are not subject to speculation and these farmers are paid 25% higher than a traditional farmers.

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