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Directions for use of the Alum stone ?

Directions for use of the Alum stone ?

Just wet the stone with warm water before rolling it on the parts of the body that you want to treat.
(Underarms, feet, hands) External Use.

Non-allergenic, Alcohol free, Odorless the Allo’Nature Alum stone of potassium can be used daily.

With its astringent and softening properties the Alum stone of potassium regulates perspiration without blocking it.

The development of bacteria which are responsible of unpleasant odors will be slowed, providing freshness and long last hygiene.

This naturally occurring mineral, the Alum stone of Aluminium contains many properties.

  • Astringent:

    The astringent action tightens the pores of the skin:
    - For shaving, it helps to calm the razor burn and reduces the infections
    - For deodorants products, the astringent action helps to regulate perspiration without blocking it.
  • Anti-bacterial:

    The application of the wet stone on the skin will set an antibacterial film.

    - After shaving this film will helps to avoid the creation of spots due to infections at the base of the hair.
    - In the composition of deodorants, it will prevents the emergence of bacteria which are responsible of odors.
  • haemostatic:

    - During shaving, the haemostatic property allows in case of cuts to limit the bleeding, and accelerate in the same time coagulation.
    - In case of insect bites, it will avoid itching. 

  • Moisturizing:

    Alun stone is composed approximately by 40% of water which will during the application, allow to moisture the skin.


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