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How to use it ?

The loofah is an oriental fruit-shaped like a cucumber, and its fiber can be used to create sponges. From the family of cucurbitaceae crop, this plant is a real plant sponge.

The Loofah is very popular in the East during washing.

It helps the breathing of the skin, to eliminate dead cells and it gives you a soft clean and smooth feeling skin.

Stimulates skin renewal to bring you a soft, clean and smooth feeling skin.

Wet the Loofah before using it, this will make the fibers supple and soft.

Use it 3 or 4 times per month on your entire body, the last one need to be made 24 hours before before hair removal.

Make circular movement to remove all dead skin cells. Keep your skin soft by doing a scrub every week, to avoid the hair under the skin and small spots. It will facilitate your hair removal...

The Loofah can be used to activate blood circulation and help to eliminate cellulite.

Moreover, it does not have decorative material, fabric and therefore does not keep bacteria.
After use, to dry your Loofah, simply rinse it with clean water and shake it.

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