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First use ?

Before waxing

Before  hair removal, make a scrub of the skin with a Loofah and Allepo Soap .
This care will reduce the discomfort of the hair removal’s "pulling effect" moreover it will enhance the anti hair regrowth body milk’s effects and avoid ingrown hair.


Hair removal
The wax need to be apply making thin layers. There is no sensation of heat, in order to respect the fragility and sensitivity of the hair. The Allo'Nature’s wax is certified Ecocert and labeled Cosmébio, it contains no rosin or irritant resin.

After Hair removal
The skin need to be carefully cleaned before applying the specific care Epil'Oubli, saturated with active ingredients which are soothing and softening the skin, this will provide the delicious sensation of a skin perfectly clean and silky. It will also allow you to slow down and gradually eliminate your unsightly hair.



Complementary external care:
Our natural deodorant can be applied in two ways after hair removal and daily: no alcohol, they are suitable for sensitive and depilated skins without irritating effect.

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